Myspace flash layouts

Saturday, September 6, 2008 Leave a Comment

Are you tired of looking Myspace flash layouts than do not worry now we have collected best sources from where you can get best myspace flash layouts or you can create your own too . Below is a list of some good sites from where you can have free flash layout for your myspace profiles .

1. -> This site is one of the best place to get free premade layouts for your profiles . Most of their Myspace layouts are made by professionals and give out an actual website look rather than a simple Myspace page.

2.LovemyFlash ->Love my flash is rich content site with lots of free data like free layouts for myspace and other web pages . Their designs web layout designs are very unique and i will say you must visit this site once .

3. Layoutcodez -> Layoutcodez provides web layouts with good web designs for many social networks like MySpace , Xanga and Piczo . They are specialized in designing for social networks and designed templates for myspace with best glitter and background graphics combinations which is totlay unique .

4. 123mycodes -> 123mycodes helps you to customize you socials web profiles by providing you best layouts for web pages . They support all most all top social networks like myspace , hi5 , friendster , bebo . You can bookmark their site , so you can stay updated with new web layout designs .

5. Myspacepimpe- > They will also help you to modify your layout without starting from scratch . I have not used their codes but if you have to join their site before using their services . You can visit this link and join them .

6. Flash Layout -> In this page you will find good list of layout in flash . You can get their codes and use them on your profiles . Their are some good design their and i have also used them for few weeks .

7. CoolChaser -> They have some rally hot layout collection and i am still using it . I will say these design are for only hot and wild party animals with some good web designs sense .

8. Getmyflash -> GetMyFlash provides highly customizable, dynamic Myspace templates that are absolutely free. Their layouts are created by professional web designers to give you quality templates that are second to none. They use flash to create interactive, layouts rather than the static HTML layouts of the past.

I will share more sites in my nest post . I am still looking for some good site . Myspace is so popular but flash templates layouts are still lacking . I don't know why is this so , maybe everyone don't like flash web design layouts .